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Keep track of your prayer list. Schedule prayer time reminders. Journal about God's answers to your prayers.

  • Prayer List

    Create your prayer list so that others can pray for you! You can make requests private, so others won't know the details, but will still know that you need an answer to prayer!

  • Prayer Schedule

    You can schedule prayer up to five times a day, then receive reminders via email when it's time to talk to God.

  • Prayer Time

    During Prayer Time, your prayer list is shown to you, one after the other, so you can focus on each request. You will see your prayers, as well as those of your friends and family!

from the blog News & Notes On All Things Prayer

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    In the Beginning


    Welcome to MyPrayerList.org!

    MyPrayerList was created to help you get closer to God through prayer.

    In the coming weeks, we will be posting a "Prayer 101" series of videos, which will teach you how to have a powerful, dynamic prayer life.

    In the meantime, create an account and invite your friends.

    If you have any questions, p...

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    Prayer Power


    Prayer is powerful. The Bible says to "pray without ceasing." That's how important it is.

    Make sure to set up your reminders, so you can receive texts and/or emails during the day to remind you to keep that line of communication to heaven open!

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    Prayer Warriors United


    Praying "in one accord" produces great results.

    MyPrayerList.org was created to facilitate &qu...